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About Asian SBC

The ASBCUG aims at creating a forum to share technical and operational experiences, especially in the are of safety. It will serve as a platform to promote safe handling, storage, and usage of sub-biuminous coals for power plants in Asia. The ASBCUG will also develop a series of best practices to encourage maximum safety when utilizing this valuable low-sulfur fuel. An annial meeting will be held in Asia where candid discussions are encouraged.


  • To promote the safe, efficient, and economic use of sub-bituminous coals by generating companies that currently use, or are considering its use.
  • To develop web-based forum for experience sharing and technical discussion.
  • To address the latest technical/operational challenges through formation of joint technical workgroups on an as needed basis.
  • To work with other interested industry groups and associations on topics related to sub-bituminous coals.
  • To evaluate and define best practices for keeping pace with the latest technology development for sub-bituminous coal usage.


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